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Life in Oklahoma 1.6

My day off is over...sad days... LoL. Isn't that always the way of it?

I shouldn't be sad, because next week I have three days off in a row for T's 21st birthday...most which I am sure to spend in various degrees of inbriation...lol. What a forecast...

Though, I imagine it is the next 6 days on that give me the willies...oh well, T better love me.

Since my last post I have worked like crazy. That's it. Yep. Boring life is me.

Well, not completely boring. New York Time's Best Seller Kim Harrison was at the store the other day for a book signing. I didn't actually get to meet her till she was walking out the door, I was busy making sure the mad house at the front end was wrangled in a bit and things ran mostly smooth. :)

She was nice enough to autograph my name tag, as well as the complimentary name tags the people who attended the signing received. :) So I have a fancy new autograph. Which, will pale in complete comparison to two other autographs I plan to get this summer...which two you might ask?

Why, let me tell you...they both start with Js...!!!! *insert squee*

Sadly, I won't be getting these autographs in person, but a friend of mine who is going to Comic Con said she will get me their autographs if they are there this summer...when she said yes I practically combusted...it was ridiculous. :)

So that was the life in the time of Me...work. work. work....so boring...I should get something to spice it up... :)

In other news, I am trying to decided what tattoo to get on my left wrist. I haven't fell in love with anything yet though. T has a tattoo that says love one way, and pain another, and I like it, I just don't know if I'm in love with it. *sigh* Though, if I'm being honest, I should probably wait a bit before I get a new one...If I come home with one more anytime soon my mother may have a heart attack...poor thing.

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