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10 March 2011 @ 10:11 pm
Life in Oklahoma 1.7  

So today was my Friday! Hallejuah!

Seriously, tough week. I had six on with no break to have this weekend off for T's birthday. Then, on top of my six days schedule, they recruited me to do our version of inventory this week, and I had two days of 6 a.m. to 3 p.m...long ass days. They went by quick, but they were long.

One day we inventoried candy and soda, then today we did comics. Both were ridiculous. For one, a huge amount of candy and soda was missing...i.e. stolen. And this morning when we finished scanning all the comics in we finished with just under 14,000. 14,000! Who has a need for that many comics! Not us! LoL.

Anyway, in more fun news, I just watched American Idol for this week. Adam Lambert performed! Hmm hmm hmmmm. Man can sing, and he is sexy as hell. YUM.

I also was running around LJ, and found this. It is two guys doing a cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal on the CELLO!!!! OMG! So amazing! I nicked it from azure_k_mello. She said it reminded her of J2, and I can kinda see it. Floppy hair? check. Leather jacket & intense stare? check.

Love me some stringed instruments. Almost nothing sexier...almost...ok. That's a lie...there is a list, but its not too long. Ok, that's a lie too... I just started listing the things that would be sexier and it is embarrassingly longer than I had first assumed... *shrugs* oh well. My list. :)

Oh and epic fail. I was on my info page looking for someone the other day and saw a v-gift...only it was from me! LoL. It was a fortune cookie I'm pretty sure I meant to send to tattoo_kink, but it never made it...lol...so dumb.

In other news, I am totally gonna enjoy every second of the next three days off, because I have to work 6 days the next week. We are losing one of our leads at work, and so I was asked to cover half of her hours on top of my own. OMG. I may die. *sigh* But the pay check will be awesome, right? Overtime. hmm...

Alright, I'm off to look for some really yummy clex. For some reason I just thought of that story by Astolat, and I wanna read it again...for the 10th time...no lie. And then find something else fabulous with that pairing...I think it was the scanning of the comics...lol

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not a morning person...tattoo_kink on March 11th, 2011 08:11 am (UTC)

Heeeh. The fortune cookies look very pretty on your user profile... and it's the thought that counts, right? *gg*

Have an awesome and relaxing time with tons of ff's - may the weekend never end. *lol*

GO YOU!!!!