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Life in Oklahoma 1.8

So, I'm F*ng tired.

Let's just start there. It has been a long two weeks. After T's birthday I had to work a six day work week because we were short handed, then last week I worked seven! shot me in my face.

Seven days! fml. So on my days off I went and got my nails done, they are tipped in a super cute green that has individual crystals in it...I told RI when we were done that it was my very own Kyrptonite. Not that I would be sad about an ill effects, because I'm a total Lex-girl ...ALL the way! I was watching the first disc of Smallville with Mum the other day, and I couldn't help myself. I must have said Michael Rosenbaum was all sorts of sexy a million and ONE times...lol. True story.

The only truly good part of the week was two Wed. ago. Everyone was going out for drinks, by everyone I mean T, M (who she has decided she totally loves, and will someday marry), JT (one of T's old housies, and part of an on going flirtation w/ RI), FN (the other part of an on going flirtation w/ RI), ZM-T (one of the guys who crashed at T's house more often than not), and RI. So here we all are, tensions are high for some stuff as a sister and best friend to two of the individuals I just don't wanna know about. The less said about ANY of the business I'm not already privy to is better! Then we add alcohol. BEST PLAN EVER! Sense my sarcasm? It gets better.

So JT and RI are whispering to each other, everyone is shooting FN looks. I go to the bar for a drink and come back to find the bouncer throwing one of the guys out for running off with one of the umbrellas! FML. By this point everyone is drunk, but because of the thieving of the umbrella we decide its best if we part ways from the bar. I head to Taco Bell to feed the masses, everyone else stops at the gas station for ice, coke and some other snacks.

RI is the only one who has an actual house in the city so everyone invites themselves over. She is drunk as all get out, and doesn't remember half of what went on...As her best friend I was only too happy to fill in the blanks...I mean, it's my job, right? LoL. What I ended up telling her is she ran around kissing people at the house and cozying up to one or two people that weren't expected, but forgiven when taking into account how wasted she was. Then the rum was discovered...lol.

She was sitting on the air mattress in the living room, and ZM-T put the bottle between his legs while so he could gesture wildly about something on the television, when she retrieved said bottle...with her teeth...lol. She was mortified. Te He. Then she opened the bottle and laid back to take a nice long pull. I almost stopped her...but decided she was an adult. There was also a mention of calling Guy #3 over, but I nipped that in the bud, I didn't want any blood shed. LoL. When I was describing this to her she wasn't amused, nor did she enjoy my commentary. I told I just sat there and watched the train wreck, then I made that my facebook status...lol. Immortalized forever!

Eventually everyone passes out, but not before some drama that I am just too tired and mentally scared from to recount. Just let it be said that the Apocalypse happened...

So after everyone but me gets over their hangovers its a normal few days, then its Friday, and a good friend of ours, C, was leaving for overseas with the Army. What do we do in situations like these? Head to the bar! More drinking ensued, drama from the other night reared its head a little, and I also apparently introduced some of my own in the form of a friend from work, SS. She's new to our circle, but she fits in fine.

Friday passes, there's a party on Sat. I don't wanna go, been at work all day, and I'm tired. But I get blackmailed into going, and I have something called Rumplemintz? LoL. Apparently I did a lot of swaying, smiling and talking to the spy...

After we all get home and there is more drama in the form of RI's on again off again girlfriend. Every flirtation aside, RI has always been up front that she is totally in love with her crazy ass girl. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for love, but this girl is a new level of cruel. And T is my sister, I know cruel, I know people playing with others feelings, but this kind of stuff blows my mind. I'm always there for RI, but she knows how I feel about her girl, and how I will be supportive of any decision that she makes. However, if this girl were to disappear, I would only be sad initially for much RI would cry, that's how much of a bitch this girl is. And it takes a lot for me to not like someone...but damn.

Day after third night of drinking this week RI, SS, and myself are sitting in the living room discussing our lives and RI makes the comparison that our lives are like Jersey Shore...fml...And she would be right... She decided that song "F U" or whatever, by Green somebody or other would be our theme song. RI said she would write to MTV and tell them the action was really in Oklahoma, and shit wasn't scripted, this what we came up with on our own! LoL. It was a riot. So, for the past week and a half we have made a zillion references to our show...

That was ALL last week! Then this week I was scheduled to work six days, not asked to work some extra hours, but actually scheduled six days. FML. But our DM was here and he said we couldn't work six days if we had other people to cover the hours, so I got a second blessed day off today. It was fabulous. Slept in, did some stuff for Meems, watched tv with Pops and went and saw RI for a bit after she got off work.

The only notable thing from this week was Tuesday night when RI, SS, and I stayed up most of the night talking and playing video games. The shitty part was we all had to be at work F*ng early, but we made it through the day.

So that was the last two weeks. I only have to work four more before my next day off! yay!

Isn't that sad? I'm so tired that I am calculating how many days till my next day off...tragic, I tell you.

Oh! And my offer of a penpal for a year to Help_Japan went for $40! And I have a new friend! :) I'm pretty excited! So if anyone wants a post card, go ahead and PM me your address and I'll drop one in the mail when I send off my first letter. :)

I'm off to bed, it's about 4 a.m. and I have to work tomorrow night. Yippee.

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