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Schmoop Bingo - Amnesty - Candlelight Dinner

Title: Candlelight Moment
Prompt: Candlelight Dinner
Medium: fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: RPS Slash
Summary: How I pictured the first Valentine's Day Dinner

So I wanted to do a picture for the last part of my bingo to go with the last fic I wrote. So, I had this loftly image in my head and what I was going to do with it...ha ha.

I bought a new computer in January, and still haven't managed to add all the programs I used to have. So the other day I downloaded GIMP so I could start messing with the pictures I had picked out. Only there had been an update since I did anything last summer...and man, is it like another world. I don't remember where anything is, or what any of the specific functions I'm looking for are named.

Then! The two pictures I wanted to piece together just wouldn't go. They didn't fit well, and I was rather depressed about it. I was thinking I just want them to look like that other picture, the one where it looks like they're staring into each others eyes. That one.

After a couple hours of disaster upon disaster I decided to not reinvent the wheel but change it to how I saw it. I hunted up the picture, thank you Jensenacklesfans.net. It is one of my favorites. ;)

My final product is here.

Here is the method to my madness about the picture:

When I think candlelight dinner, my first thought is almost always the one from Lady and the Tramp. So, that is what inspired the lens type focus on the picture.

I also searched the internet for a picture of a candle I was willing to add to the picture, but I couldn't find any...lets be for real, this picture if freaking perfect. An actual candle would pull your attention away from their faces, which is what I wanted people to focus on.

When that was decided, I wanted to go with just the glow and the lighting from a candlelight dinner. So I took a funky brush and lightened the edges to shades of white on everything but the boys. I did that in varying strokes and two different sizes, I hoped it would a few shadows here and there. Then my favorite part ever of GIMP, is the soften. I know several different image manipulation programs have similar effects, but I discovered it while fooling around in here.

I love it. It just softens the edges, makes it seem like this might just be a quick snap shot into a dream. And it also lends a softness to the already affectionate looks on their faces. :)

So that is it!

The Schmoop Bingo has been completed!


Tags: img : candlelight dinner, img : rps - j2, schmoop_bingo

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