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Oklahoma 2.1

So...entry 2.1

Why? Because I have been in Oklahoma for more than a year. Can you believe that? I'm not sure that I can. It's been a roller coaster of a year, and so much drama that I'm not sure I can even wrap my head around it.

Not to mention that it has been an ungodly length of time since I posted last. Damn.

So, to catch up. I was in a car wreck in June. I was rear ended at a major intersection in my town. I was the first car in the lane, the light changed to yellow, so I stopped. Unfortunately, the guy behind me wasn't paying attention and hit me doing 40+. He pushed me almost completely through the intersection, which was actually quite lucky for me because I could have been t-boned, that would have sucked.

I have a tiny Toyota, so it completely messed up the back end of my car. It was horrible...insert bitter tears and sadness about my baby... :( I had to have several estimates, and go through all sorts of bull shit. But let's leave it at the fact that if I am never in another car wreck it will be too fng soon. Like seriously.

I could also wax poetic about the horridness of the people who had my car and their shitty repairs, but I will not depress myself or you. The bare facts are that they had my car for over a month, I was in a rental for the whole time. FML. a beast of a rental, so that is what I named it, Beast.

It was not long after my wreck that Corporate decided to pay a visit to our store, and do a random drug test. I had no reason to worry, I've never touched the stuff. I have a personal aversion to it, but you know live and let live. If your habits didn't affect your work, I didn't care. When they were done with all of our personal interviews and the results were back, they leveled our store. They fired 1/4 of our employees, a good 15 people. FML.

Among those 15 people were two department managers and three leads. FML. Made my life super difficult, and the lives of everyone in our store difficult. In those two days they fired most of my favorite people, and I got a promotion. Not sure that's how I wanted that to go. Sadly among those that were let go was the guy that I had been "talking" to. Why do we even do that? The whole "talking" thing? I mean we went to lunch a couple times, a few movies, and texted every now and then. But we weren't dating...lol. We texted back and forth for about two weeks after he was let go, but I haven't heard from him in a while, Ce la Vie.

I took a vacation to Mo to see some of the girls. It was a nice visit. I stayed with R, we went and saw Harry Potter 7 pt 2. It was a good movie, I was kinda said. My Facebook status said I was pretty sad because I had just watched the ending of an era. True words. I mean, I started reading those books when there was only one out...I had to wait for each subsequent book. That's true dedication.

The K2's drove down from their respective homes and met us in St. Louis. we ate dinner and walked a bit to the Babies R' Us, and spent time with the cute Housie babies. Next day we went to the zoo...fml. Why do we do that? I mean, it was the middle of July and 100+ outside. FNG ridiculous. However, I did get to pet a sting ray and a shark. I also got to feed the sting ray. It bit me! And it was awesome! LoL. I laugh because that was totally one of the K2's status last year. Good times, good memories.

Next day we drove up to Hannibal and had lunch with J. Ran around, looked for purses, and J gave me the most fabulous present ever! She bought a lamp post! That's right, a decorative lamp post because I was so obsessed with them while I was in England. I took a picture of each one I saw, I was soooo excited to see it. I wrapped my favorite green and sparkley scarf around it, and it could not be prettier...truly.

I came home to a disastrous department, and so much work that I'm not sure I'm ever going to get it all done. I feel stressed all the time because I know we aren't making enough progress. But it is so hard to get ahead when the few associates I get keep getting called to the front. So for hours at a time my department is left empty for people to trash and not enough of us to keep stuff caught up. FML. Why did I think running a department would be a good idea? I should rethink this whole being in charge thing...

In other news I am down to my last couple appointments at the chiropractor. That's nice. I've had to go 2 or 3 times a week since my accident and while I love my people at the office I would rather just not be in pain. My back is ok, it hurts if I carry too much or work for too long, but I'm doing good. My ankle and my shoulder are the only thiings that still bug me regularly. But who knows if my shoulder will ever be the same. FML. I would like to sleep on my left shoulder, but it still hurts a bit. grr.

On top of everything else that went on in July, I had to look forward to the beginning of August. Fml. Fng anniversaries. I was pretty sad. Dad has been gone for 3 years. It's kind of hard to believe. T spent the day in my bed. She fell asleep the night before on the couch at Meem's. When I went to work at 7 I sent her to my room. When I came home from lunch she was still buried under the covers, and when I got off work she had only moved a few inches. She finally got up to go to work, but I know how she felt. I had put a country cd in the player in the car the night before, it had the my most hated song on because it makes me cry every time. So I bawled the whole way to work and then had to be "on" for the rest of the day. The 2nd was a Tuesday, so I couldn't take off, new realses and all that rot. Oh well, we made it, sort of.

Whew...ready for some good news? I got accepted into the Behavioral Sciences Master's program at the university here! That's right, I am going to get my Master's degree. Whoo. I'm doing the psychology track, and am pretty sure I already know what I am going to do my thesis on. RI is a little leary, but I'm sure I can find and prove it. I just need to plan and start working on it now.

But what could possibly top that? I mean, it would have to be pretty awesome right? Well, it is. Do you know what awesome event T has agreed to attend with me? Can't guess, well I'll let you know...the Christian Kane concert not 45 minutes from my house. That's right! In less than 6 weeks I will be sitting less than 100 feet from him as he sings, because let's be for real, I bought platinum tickets. If I'm gonna see him, I wanna see him. LoL. Soooo excited.

In other news, I have lost the last little bit of my soul when I signed up for a Twitter...lol. I always said I wouldn't, but I couldn't help myself. I really did it for T...at least that's what we're gonna go with. lol. In all actuality I got it so I could follow Christian Kane...lol. I mean I resisted when Jared got a twitter, and it was by a small margin...because I was so close. I mean, I was an original Sam girl, so that was a real attraction for me. Oh well.

Well, I have to be at the store early in the morning. I have a local author coming in for a book signing, so I'm off to bed.


Christian Kane. baw ha ha...

I'm done now.
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