Write_in_Red (write_in_red) wrote,

Homework Woes...

So, I'm supposed to be working on a paper...lol. I mean, I kind of am. It's all open on my computer; but *reverts to small child* I don't wanna!


papers are bah! Especially boring ones...where I have to design my own experiment, carry out the experiment, explain the methodology on why I made up said experiment, and find sources to support the idea; because God was the last person to ever have an original thought...

Sorry, about that last part, but that's what they said in class! No Lie. We were told until we finish this course of work, and then our Doctorate then we are not knowledgeable about ANYTHING. Nothing. Nada...seriously, I think that's a little out of hand. lol.

Maybe I have the 'End of Semester' blues and I'm a bit ahead of myself...I mean, I did this once, I have the degree to prove it. Why did I think going back to school was a good idea? FML.

Oh well, I think I have delayed enough. I want to get the majority of this paper done before I have to go pick up RI from work, which is in T minus 3 hours...lets see what I can get done.
Tags: masters = oh my!, me: fml, me: rambling, me: whining, me:random

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