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Life in Ok 2.2

Well, its been a long time since I posted.

Finished first semester. Yay. Ethics class was good, I enjoyed it. My online class was a horrible disaster; passed, but just barely. Decided then not to take anymore online classes if at all possible. Statistics was the middle ground, I didn't try too hard, but just hard enough to get an acceptable grade.

Christmas was good. I got the most fabulous gift; a book case that looks like the red phonebooths in London. I was so excited. I also received a large cityesque type scape of London done in blacks and reds. *sigh* so wonderful. :)

After Christmas and the New Year, I got my wisdom teeth taken out. It was not pleasent; the bottom two teeth were compacted, so they had put me under to take them out. I asked for the suggested three days off; but ended up off for almost a week and a half. I had a bad reaction to the antibiotics, and ended up having to go back in because I developed scar tissue where they removed one of the teeth. My last day of my lovely leave, my store manager was let go.

So coming back from a horrible procedure I get to acclimate a new store manager who is a little uppity. He is all sorts of I am the big man around, and we will turn around this store in 3 months time. Three months time is approaching and while we have come a long way we aren't Grand Opening New. I also stepped down from the position they promoted me to. It was too much work and not enough help to do what needed to be done.

Well, part of it was because it was too much work and no help; the other reason I stepped down because Meems was in the hospital for a week. Her blood oxygen level so low when they admitted her; 76% when a normal person's is above 95%. She caught a cold, and Pops was out of town with AM; I tried to get her to take her medicine and eat, but she just wasn't getting any better. She eats like a bird on a good day, but this time I couldn't get her to even finish a couple pieces of toast. I got home from work and coached to eat as much as I could; then I made sure she had everything and left her dosing in front of the TV in her bedroom. I went quietly to my car and promptly got my mum on the phone and burst into tears. I cried because she was so sick, and because I couldn't get her to eat anything and her cough. Mum told me she would get better and to not worry. She offered to come back across town and stay with Meems; but Mum hadn't seen her boyfriend in a few days, work and what not.

The next morning I got to work and am almost getting ready to get off when T shows up in her ACUs. She was just home from Drill, and hadn't even gone home to change. They had sent her to work to come collect me; RI had informed T that I had been upset the night before and shouldn't hear about Meems being admitted to the hospital from a text or a voicemail. It was a nervewraking experience, having T say we just have to go, and then driving us in the direction of the hospital. All sorts of things were going through my mind at the time, and none of them good.

Meems was still in the ER when we made it in. They were waiting to have a room cleared on the third floor for her. The staff of the ER were very kind; they understood that we were all quite scared, usually there are only two visitors in each room. But, at one time there was 6 or 7 of us. A girl who is getting ready to marry AM's youngest works in ER and they took pity on us. Eventually we filtered out when it became apparent that she was going to be there for some time. Mum came home after they got her settled, but I couldn't just leave her there. I was so torn up about it.

I got together a change of clothes, house shoes, toiletries, and one of my purple blankets to brighten up the room. They are always so dull. I almost made it through the visit to her room without crying; but she was so tired, and they had pumped her full of medicine that made her sleepy so she didn't notice. I made it home, but was still to wound up. I watched some TV with Pops in the front room and then went to Wal-Mart to pick up somethings I just remembered Meems had asked for. While there I picked up some balloons that are still floating, albeit a little deflated in her room.

I spent the next week parked in a chair by her bed, unless I was at work or in class. I was by no means her only visitor; we all cycled through with almost clockwork like regularity. After a week in the hospital they sent her home on oxygen full time. She can't cook with the canola on, nor can she do extraneous work for any length of time. So, stepping down made logical sense; I didn't really enjoy my job and help was needed at home.

Since then, I am happy to report that her oxygen level has been moved from a 6 to a 1. And she only has to wear it when she has trouble breathing or when she is sleeping. Her breathing treatments, 4 times a day, are continued; as is all her medicines. But, she is at least home. Now, if only we can get her to stop smoking on what she thinks is the sly...Mum has found 6 packs of cigarettes in various places around the house. It's tearing her up that her mother won't quit, even when she knows she could end up back in the hospital. I am scared for myself, losing my grandmother is going to break me in so many ways. I don't want to contemplate the day I have to wake up and remember that she isn't here anymore; but I've been where my mother is right now. I remember when Mum was sick, when she called to tell me she had a tumor, the surgery and all of the radiation treatments 5 days a week for six months; and of course, let's not forget the yearly expedition to the doctor for a check up. I know how scared she is, how much pain she's in; but at least my mother didn't have a choice about ending up back in the hospital.

In all this poor Meems has been through the ringer. She was the one in the hospital and she was scared, of course. But since her release she has gone form one extreme to the other. She didn't move for days when she was first sent home; and then she discovered QVC, the home shopping network...Heaven help the living room and her credit card... But here's hoping her and Mum's last bout about smoking will have gotten through to her. If not, I am getting ready to suggest hypnosis for lack of any other options.

Also, in all of this, I forgot to mention that T is pregnant again, about 7 months now. By this point in the pregnancy we've almost released the breath we were all holding when we heard she was pregnant again. She was quite lucky in getting a doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancies to agree to take care of her; most of them won't take on a patient that has less than two or three miscarriages. Her doctor has been kind and very efficent.

But, onto the good news, I will be the proud aunt of a little boy in July. Of course, T being due in July put a kink in my original summer plans to make it back to Europe, but there's always next summer.

It's April 13, and Friday the 13th. One day before my 26th birthday. Joy of joys...sense my joy? No? Imagine that...lol. I can hardly bring myself to really admit that I will be closer to 30 than 20...lol. Oh well. RI wanted to get some of the girls together and go out and drink; but I decided I would rather have spaghetti at home and play spades in front of the TV with a Pirates movie on. :) Sounds like a great plan to me. :)

So, there we have it. Every time I would get on to read or check my email I would get as far as deleting the stuff I needed to and maybe reading a fic or two if I was lucky. But, my poor laptop has seen more dust accumlation in the last couple months than in its life...lol. I am sure that this is the first time any of my laptops have ever even seen a spec of dust...lol. :)

I'm getting ready to go to bed, loads of cleaning and paper writing to do tomorrow.

p.s. also got another tattoo, this one on my left foot. It's wonderful, and exactly what I wanted.

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