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Life in OK 3.1

Wow...so it's been a minute since I posted.

It's not because I had nothing to say; but more that I was SO busy I could barely breath.

I have accomplished a lot this last year.

Since the last time I have posted I have finished my second year of my Master's degree.

I have dropped a class due to low grade for the first time in my educational career.

I have held down two jobs and a full time graduate school schedule.

I traveled to Arkansas to see my ex...lol. She insisted. It wasn't a horrific venture; but despite having had been in a "I miss..." slump it just cemented that the two of us were better off as friends. It also made me thankful that she encouraged me to stay in contact with her. The two of us not talking would have made House Reunions a bit awkward...lol. You can insert whatever you think into the " ", because it probably crossed my mind at the time. Her. Him. the Future. Possibilities. Romance. Being in a Relationship. But mostly someone to play with my hair...

I have spent a great deal of time with my nephew, A; long lengths of time trying to get him to call me GiGi...lol.

I came to the decision that it was time to part ways with R. Being best friends is supposed to be a partnership; it like all other relationships takes work. After realizing that I had put myself close to $10,000 in debt supporting myself, her, and her son I knew I had to make a change. B was one of the best parts of my life; but I'm not his parent. I don't get to legally make decisions for him. Despite not spending time with R, I try and see B on holidays and special occasions. We made Christmas cookies for the 3rd Christmas in a row despite me not having had a meaningful conversation with his mother in almost 8 months.

I have managed to distance myself from R despite the pain and difficulty of separating my life from my best friend of 3 years. Also, not taking B to his First Day of School Breakfast this year about broke my heart...

I have supported my sister as she learned how to be a new mom, and a single parent every other week. I encouraged her to love her son; but to make sure she took "me time" for herself to avoid burnout since M was in the oil field so often. The favorite "me time" required frequent pedicures...lol

I have helped T work on colors for her Spring wedding! M finally proposed just after A's 1st birthday. :) I am happy to announce that T asked me to be her Maid of Honor. :)

I have survived the 5th anniversary of losing Dad with the least amount of hours of gut wrenching sorrow and tears. T kept me busy and plied with Margaritas...many many Margaritas. Regardless of the number of years he has been gone, this hurt worst than the first.

I have planned a vacation for early next summer that will reunite me with several of my Housies from my undergrad! New Orleans better watch out...lol

I have applied for a new job as a part-time assistant manager for a store in the mall. If I get this I will be able to stop the 2 jobs gig; and focus on one job and school. Crossing my fingers for this! I am so tired.

I have been out of the country again, for the first time since I came home from England.

I spent 3 weeks in South Korea with my Roommate: K the Only. I had a blast.

I have started my last semester of actual classes for my MSBS.

I have been accepted as a research assistant for a project one of my professors is running. This time next year I could be published!

Somewhere in there I discovered Pinterest, and it would have stolen my soul if I had been in possession of one...but being a ginger and all...you know. And, Sherlock and Harry Potter on Pinterest? OMG. Also, I believe that Pinterest is hugely responsible for my "I miss..." phase. It makes you want to bake, be crafty, get married, have babies, follow fashion and fandoms alike...it's madness!

This post is a quick and dirty overview of the last year of my life. Despite the length of time since my last update, I am glad to return and find LJ alive and kicking. I would often think of logging on and posting; but most often I was too tired to even lift my Ipad. How tragic is that?

But good things are on the horizon for me, I can feel it!

I hope anyone who reads this is well. Please know that even though I haven't been here I have thought of each and everyone of you more often than you probably realize.

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