June 4th, 2010

What had happened was

Sammy Mood Theme

I have a new mood theme! It was made by megtdj. It's really awesome.

It took forever for me to upload it. I had to download the file, unzip, load all of the pictures to photobucket, name them, a then copy and paste all the links into the Custom Mood Theme Editor.

Whew! That took almost 2 1/2 hours! I can't even imagine how long it took her to make all 150+ she has available! OMG! She's amazing...

For those who love Dean, she has a mood theme for him to. :)

Yea. Now, I'm really going to bed now.

Night...or morning...

Look *imagine there is an arrow pointing down*
What had happened was

Relay For Life: Cancled.

Sad day of Sad days.

Because of inclement weather (read: tornado warning and rain/hail) our fundraiser has been canceled. I was kind of depressed. I was really looking forward to it. I wore my t-shirt for Matt and everything. :(

Silver lining, it was rescheduled for the 25th of this month. So it'll be before I move home. Woot! :)

In other news: Look at my mood...

Even upset, Sammy is still sexy...my silver lining... :)