July 14th, 2010

What had happened was

I Write meme.

Not sure what prompted me to do this, but I decided to, maybe because I was bored...who knows?

Anyway...I took a portion of The Draft, and it spit out the name Dan Brown. WTF is that?

Ok. Google, and wa la. Ok. I know who he is now.

Interesting. So I decide to check a different section, spits out the name Chuck Palahniuk... huh?

I try it a 3rd time, because you have to have at least 3 examples to use when you plot a chart for data and whatnot, but anywhoo! It spits out the name Jane Austen, which leaves me totally humbled if I wasn't for SURE that this is a load of crock!

All three samples were about the same length and from the same work! Hmm...lol. It gave me a laugh anyway.

ten minutes later...

...so I can't leave well enough alone...I copy and pasted a part of my Bingo entry into the whatchamadilly and it gave me Chuck Palahniuk again, so at least that's some progress...

AND now I'm like James Joyce! Grr...lol. Ok. I'm done.

I lied...I got Dan Brown again...NOW I'm done. For real...