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write_in_red's Journal


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I am 20+ years old. I have red hair, and my eye color depends
on the color of my clothes.I am a college graduate, and am
still working to find my place in the world. The struggle to
do that is surprising, since I have a piece of paper that
tells me it should be easy.

Ahh well, I'm a work in progress.

I live in Oklahoma, but am a Texan born and raised. Yeehaw.

Music: I listen to all kinds of music, though I tend to stay in one genre of music and then move to another.
But I listen to country, classical, rock, punk, pop, hip hop, and new age or trance. I love it all.

Color: Purple, but green is quickly making its way into 2nd place

Show: Supernatural! Sexy Texan boys...need I say more?

Books: I love to read all sorts of stuff, what I'm reading at the moment tends to change on a whim.

I spent four months in an English manor house in Lincolnshire, England. It was wonderful, and life changing. If you get the chance to travel,
do it.

I also love to take pictures of trees as they change colors...no idea why.

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